57 | Just Norm

I shared a great conversation with the one and only JUST NORM… who is one of the original Mojo Loco Runners and a great friend. It was a joy to check in to say hello and find out more about how he manages running in one of the most humid places on the planet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this chat as much as I did.

To find out more about Norm check out his great podcast & block over at http://runnorman.blogspot.com. Enjoy the show.

Just Norm

Just Norm

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56 | Christina Chapan

Zen has a great Sunday chat with long time Turtle friend… Christina Lee Steele-Chapan. She is a trainer, special-ed teacher, lover of life & training for her 13th & 14th Marathons which she’ll be completing in October. We had a great time discussing her sercrets to success and I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing about them as much as I did. Thanks for listening to the show!


Prarie State Marathon – Libertyville, IL

Indian Sand Dunes  Hero Half Marathon – Indiana Dunes State Park



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55 | Zen Runs 7 Miles

Zen reignights the Slow Runners Club with a special “training edition” as he trains on the long road to the Carlsbad Marathon. This morning Zen shares his 7 mile long run, checking in each mile. Shout outs include Eddie Marathon (of course), Christina Lee Steele-Chapan & Derek Ralston. Thanks for hanging in there during the hiatus and yes… Eddie is coming back. He’s just busy in that little room with the sink. Um, well… you know.